Google Can See Through Walls

The Source about Google is ramping up efforts to provide interior shots of commercial properties in specific markets. (As noted by Lani Rosales at Agent Genius, Google put this idea out to the market several months ago, but Google floats a lot of ideas; now, it seems like Google is making it happen.)

Google describes the interior shots as “Business Photos” which will appear in a business’ Place Page. According to the FAQ for Business Photos, Google is currently looking for interior shots of “restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other storefront businesses” and businesses can upload their photos if they’re not in a market where Google is currently taking photos. (Sorry, lawyers, doctors and “chain” restaurants, Google is currently not interested.)

I think this is a beautiful development, and the key for me is that any business can upload interior photo shots to its Place Page. Some may argue that you could lose some visits from prospective tenants, but I look at it the other way: quality photos could be the hook that convinces a “fence-sitter” in your target market to visit the property; plus, if interior photos drive them away from the space, they probably weren’t a “keeper” anyway.

I look forward to seeing some interior shots from some properties in South Jersey.

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